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I'm Ollie Barker, a Creative Web Geek from England passionate about creating beautiful, clean designs for the web, apps and print.

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As a designer and front-end developer i've always had a fiery passion for design and constantly strive to create unique, creative and beautiful work.

Currently I’m working with the fabulous people over at Better. while studying to finish my degree at Teesside University with the majority of my skills lying within the Adobe Creative Suite, HTML & CSS and Wordpress Development.

On the side I enjoy a healthy dose of bouldering and all around general geekery. You might even find me at the skatepark every once in a while.

"Design is where Science & art break even."

Robin Matthews


9th, April 2014

Why you should be attending conferences

For designers and developers one of the best things about being in this industry is the culture behind it. Conferences are something that everybody in this field should be attending as often as they can. Read More →

8th, February 2014

Part 2: Placement Years.

Taking a year out in industry is easily the best way to get real world experience. As it suggests you take out a year, typically between the second and third years, and work in the industry. Read More →

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